Lil Sis' are appointed to members of the house based upon the idea that these young women will support and show an active interest in the lives of multiple members of the President's House Association. Each lil sis is appointed to a member of the house and they include:

Kelly Kreiner- First Lady
Laura Philpot
Lauren Cornele
Hilary Richardson
Brittany Anderson
Becca Thompson
Madison Osborne
Emily Drake
Brittany Lin
Caitlyn Anglin
Tiffany Wiley
Morgan Faulkner
Katie Dean
Jess Bright
Weezie Payton
Jami Dick
Megan Mars
Korey Snodgrass
Katelyn Harris
Savannah Fields
Hannah Maloy
Devin Harris
Vanessa Ostertag
Bess McHone
Rachel Barnett
Danielle Gilford
Kate Bowman
Daly Wardlaw
Kelsey Hamilton
Marina Byrd